2D Image Registration in CT Images Using Radial Image Descriptors


Registering CT scans in a body atlas is an important technique for aligning and comparing different CT scans. It is also required for navigating automatically to certain regions of a scan or if sub volumes should be identified automatically. Common solutions to this problem employ landmark detectors and interpolation techniques. However, these solutions are often not applicable if the query scan is very small or consists only of a single slice. Therefore, the research community proposed methods independent of landmark detectors by using imaging techniques to register the slices in a generalized height scale. In this paper, we propose an improved prediction method for registering single slices. Our solution is based on specialized image descriptors and instance-based learning. The experimental evaluation shows that the new method improves the accuracy and the stability of comparable registration methods. Also only a single CT slice is required for the registration.
Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention