The Past and The Future

The Past

I recently finished my Master thesis and can now call myself Master of Science. The thesis itself couldn't turn out any better as it did. The goal was to implement a method that is capable to predict the relative location along the longitudinal axis of a slice of a X-ray computed tomography (CT) volume. The motivation behind this is to speed up the process when a physician wants to compare two CT volumes against each other. Usually, the patient's data can be accessed over the network and a single CT volume can contain more than thousand images taking more than 1 GB disk space. In addition, most physicians are only interested in one particular area they want to compare. Accordingly, it would be waste of resources if one has to transfer and load two complete volumes and manually navigate to the area of interest. The methods developed in this thesis allow the physician to select the area of interest (on the longitudinal axis) in one volume and only transfer and load the corresponding area in the other volume. Obviously, you get the biggest benefit if the volume contains a large amount of images and the region of interest is relatively small.

Let's get started with Python and GObject-Introspection

This week I thought I gave the new shiny GObject-Introspection in Python a chance by porting the UI of GNOME DVB Daemon. First and foremost, I want to mention that I haven't got too far in the sense of porting the code to PyGI. Why am I writing this post then you may ask? Because it already took me some effort to get the proper build environment running correctly, and that's what this post is about. I'm running Ubuntu Maverick, so things might work slightly different on other distros.

We have an icon

Thanks to the awesome Klaus Staedler GNOME DVB Daemon finally has an icon and therefore two starters in the main menu. Version 0.1.17 is mostly a bug fix release (thanks to all the testers for reporting bugs). Most of the fixes are in the channel scanner. Unfortunately, if you want get the best experience you have to use gst-plugins-bad from git as well, because it contains some fixes. Following the recent trend to deprecate HAL, gudev is now used to detect connected devices.

Please download it at and give it a try. If you experience any problems please file a bug.