Let's record

Last week has been successful and almost all tasks have been completed. That means that channel.conf can be read and written for all DVB types. Recording should work for all DVB types, too (as already mentioned I myself can only test DVB-T). In addition, recordings are actually stopped after the given duration.

Yet another last minute UI change

With Deskbar-Applet 2.21.90 the often requested Button UI that was already part in 2.18 returned. When you use this UI the results will be attached to the panel. Nevertheless, the window UI is still the default one.

In addition, Deskbar-Applet now recognizes when you change your peferred browser and activates the appropriate modules for you. E.g. when you were using Web History and Web Bookmarks for Mozilla before changing the preferred browser to Epiphany, Web History and Web Bookmarks for Epiphany will be enabled and the Mozilla modules disabled.