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Lots of improvement in SVN going on, it seems. Like it better now! Thanks for the work. Don't let the negative feedback discourage you. If the freeze didn't happen yet, a couple more suggestions:

  • the history combo is kinda in the way to get to the list when searching for something; you're not using it then anyway. Maybe it could be moved to the bottom or hidden altogether when starting to type.
  • when having a search result with multiple actions, hitting two times enter should execute the first action
  • hitting the up key from within the search field should go to the last item of the list
  • "Copy URL to clipboard" maybe could be replaced by "Copy URL to clipboard"
  • maybe subjective, but using the wording "Recent actions" instead of "History" seems to be a bit easier (mom-proof) and consistent with the rest of GNOME ("recent documents", "recently opened")

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