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The big problem currently is that UI freeze is coming on August 13th. I changed a the GUI almost completly because of all the negative feedback. Nevertheless, entry or button mode won't come back.
The behavior for default actions will added soon. So that when you double click a match (on the left) the default action will be executed.
In reply to your remarks:

  1. I thought about that, too. But time is running away. So this won't make it.
  2. It is turned on by default now.
  3. If you press Escape the window will be closed if your search entry is empty. If not the search entry will be cleared.
  4. Thanks for that. I just fixed it.
  5. You're absolutly right. Because it's a easy fix, it's very likely that this will make it into the next release.
  6. Again. Absolutly right. I have to think about a solution.
  7. History changed dramatically. So this isn't a issue anymore.

Thanks again for your feedback. It's really really helpful.

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