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Very happy to see you cared about my feedback, here is some more to bother you :)

Too bad there'll be no drop down UI but I understand the reasons. I hope the focus issues will be cleared up by 2.22. You can probably expect some negative feedback from many users meanwhile; people on the gutsy gibbon forum already started complaining and a bug report about it appeared too. Many like the minimalistic interface, that's why I proposed removing the action column. Other reasons are that the column isn't useful when the desired 'action result' in the first column and a cascading menu being quicker ( Fitt's law). A drop down menu from an arrow (like for opening attachments in evolution) instead of a cascading one might be a good idea too.

The reason why I'd want clicking on any search result to have the effect of executing the default action is not only consistency, but also because it just would be faster. Now I get each time searching for a webpage the choice between opening the page and copying the URL, while 99% of the time I want to do the former.

Some other remarks:

  • "extensions with errors" is a bit confusing: seems like there is really something wrong with them; I think it would be better just to place them in the main plugin list, but making them disabled and grayed out. They don't seem important enough to have their own tab anyway.
  • could "Close window after an action has been executed" be turned on by default at the time of the stable release? I think executing a single action is the main use case of the deskbar. Most of the time a window pops up over the deskbar window anyway when executing an action. Besides, it's not much trouble to open the deskbar window again. Maybe middleclick could then be used to activate an action without closing the deskbar window.
  • Related, 1 time escape could then close the window instead of current 2 times (which already is a good improvement)
  • Sorting of plugins doesn't seem to work yet? Their order is also reset on every restart of the deskbar.
  • Three plugins called "web bookmarks" is a bit confusing. At least the browser name could be included in their name. Even better would be to have just one bookmark item for all browsers, which would activate all underlying plugins which aren't disabled.
  • The action "Copy URL to clipboard" isn't descriptive enough when it's listed as a history item : which URL will it copy?
  • clicking one time on a list item isn't a very common behavior in GNOME, most require double clicks (like places list in nautilus); maybe cursor could change into a hand when hovering over actions

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