actions are nice!

though as a side effect, UI has gotten a bit confusing now:

  • clicking on some search results perform an action directly, while clicking on others gives a list of actions to perform in the right column; looks the same but behaves differently
  • actions of previous searches stay in the right column though a new search has been performed or another direct action has been clicked

my proposal for a more consistent and (I think) less complicated UI for the user:

  • search results with multiple actions have an arrow (>)
  • remove the action column
  • clicking any search result performs the default action
  • hovering over a search result shows a cascading menu with all the actions

This would also be easy to convert to the drop-down-from-panel deskbar UI, which I dearly miss :( I hope it will be brought back before 2.20 because it saved a lot of time vs current windowed mode. Instead of click-type-click-->result, it is now click-refocus-type-click-click-close_deskbar_window-->result (refocus=delay by retargeting your focus from panel to deskbar window elsewhere on screen)

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