GNOME DVB Daemon and GSoC '09

So far I neglected writing about this year's Google Summer of Code. This ends with this post. As last year, I'm working on GNOME DVB Daemon.

In the last couple of weeks I concentrated on the user experience, thus making setting up devices as easy as possible. I made a short screencast that shows the new assistant started by the Totem plugin.

If there's only one unconfigured device it's selected automatically. If you have multiple devices it's checked if there's already a device group of the same type and adds the device to the group, if possible. In addition, you don't have to care about channels.conf at all anymore. In expert mode, though, you still can create only a channels.conf file without actually setting up the devices.

The Totem plugin was improved, too. As you can see in the next screencast:

Everything that's available in gnome-dvb-control can be accessed from within Totem. You can browse EPG, manage recordings, schedule recordings and configure devices. The next step is to remove the existing DVB code from Totem and make the dvb-daemon plugin built-in.

Furthermore, I finally took care that live TV doesn't interfere with recordings. If a recording is coming up and you're watching a channel on a different transport stream, streaming is stopped so the recordings can start properly. That means you can still watch a different channel on the same transport stream (TS) or record multiple channels on the same TS simultaneously.

This are all unreleased features I'm talking about, but hopefully I can make a proper tarball release soon.

Now there are basically two items left on my GSoC todo list. Writing a ring buffer to provide a way to do time shifting, pause/rewind/fast-forward live TV and a plugin system for EPG aggregators.



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would be cool if the daemon and eventually the libs would not be dependant on GNOME so that other DEs can use it to.

what i'd also love to see would be an automatically start of the daemon if it is not running and the user is starting to watch DVB with some application. Also, if the user does not have any recordings, it should exit gracefully if the user quits the player app.


First of all, thanks for the great work you've done so far, things are looking very good!!

Just wanted make sure you know, that there's an ongoing discussion in moovida developers mailing list regarding adding pvr-functionality to moovida. Below is a link to the thread (there's more emails in July thread view)

and a somewhat related

Gnome DVB daemon was suggested as an alternative to MythTV backend. If you're interested, take a look at the thread...

br, juhis

HTML5 video tags please! The more Theora content in that format the greater the impetus for vendors to implement it.

Hey Sebastian, nice progress!
I like the chance to get rid of kaffeine for watching tv.

Btw, is there any chance the daemon/plugin will work over network (at a later stage)?
I'd like to run the deamon on a headless server with a bunch of tv cards and use the plugin from any of my clients.

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I never tried it myself, maybe that's already possible. Streaming live TV should be possible without much hassle. The GUI communicates with the daemon via D-Bus so that won't work over the network. Using dvb-daemon together with Rygel to provide a UPnP media server is another solution that already works.