Lazy week

I didn't do much last week. Partly, because bug 539969 still keeps me from continuing working on the EPG part.

What did change last week is that each Device must be part of a DeviceGroup now. All devices in a DeviceGroup must be of same type and share one channels.conf and recordings' dir. That means that each DeviceGroup has its own Recorder and ChannelList D-Bus service now. A DeviceGroup becomes helpful when it contains more than one device. You can schedule timers that overlap and dvb-daemon distributes them across the devices that no conflicts arise.

Although, I didn't test it, I'm almost sure that it works and I already ordered a second DVB-T adapter to ensure that it's really working.

Next week, I'm going to find a way to distinguish TV channels from radio channels (both internally and through D-Bus) and write a GUI to access the Scanner parts.

Last but not least, does somebody know how I can retrieve a list of DVB devices that are installed in a computer? I tried HAL, but it seems that it doesn't support that.




following your updates with interest as i've been searching for the perfect setup for dvb on my htpc over the last 3 years.

just wondering if you plan to do integrate multirec into your work?

once you're tuned into a transponder all the frequencies/channels on that transponder are available at the same time.

vdr has had this for quite a while and myth got it last year, so would be great to hear your thoughts on this in your next update :)


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That doesn't work, yet. But it's a planned feature. I will post on my blog when the feature has been added.