The rise of the dvb-daemon

I was able to complete all tasks I wanted to last week. The Scanner works completely for DVB-T and supposably for DVB-S and DVB-C. The Scanner contains a new method WriteChannelsToFile, too.

In addition, I started work on the EPGScanner that scans in fixed intervals for EPG data on each channel. Currently, the data is just read and stored in the Channel it belongs to ordered by time. Still missing are:

  • Checking for duplicate events
  • Retrieve event with given id

I'm not sure how I should make the EPG data accessible. Separately, for each device? In a central place with merged data from all sources? Any recommendations are highly appreciated.

In other news, the author of Coherence (a UPnP Mediaserver), who recently became popular for providing a Totem plugin, contacted me. We agreed that it would be awesome if the recordings and later the actual recorder would be connected to Coherence. He already wrote a plugin for Coherence based on RecordingsStore's D-Bus interface. I'm hoping that Vala will improve its D-Bus support soon to see it in action.

The next week will be dedicated to EPG data. Fetch it, store it, make it accessible.

Last but not least checkout the code:
bzr branch



Looking forward to this very much. The other alternative to Conference for UPnP is gupnp. It supports dbus etc

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GUPnP do not have any D-Bus support but it's not really needed since it's coded in C for gnome/maemo and could be used as a library in any language for which the bindings exists (currently only Vala but that is what you want, isn't it?).

We are working on a media-server (and media-renderer) implementation, although not yet released we already have it working on the basic level.

I will be adding a plugin system before releasing. I would suggest that you either implement your own MediaServer (not hard at all using GUPnP if you don't aim for advanced functionalities) or write a plugin for gupnp-media-server (in Vala or C) when we have the plugin system (in the next one month).