Google Summer of Code 2008

After last year's GSoC project I decided to write a DVB Manager this year.
Checkout the page at Google about details. My mentor is Zaheer Abbas Merali.

Thanks a lot GNOME for accepting me again.

I'm going to do status reports regularly.



You might want to take a look at Me TV. It has an integrated channel scan and a simple program guide. It does not have any scheduling features, but maybe there's something.
The application has libxine as its back end. This is a bit off topic, but does gstreamer have the needed (good) deinterlacing filters yet? I'm really looking forward to have nice DVB experience in Gnome. Nice to see some work happening in this area.


I found your comment "there isn't a simple way to watch and record TV shows using GNOME", and would like to let you know about Me TV, see Me TV (me-tv) is available in the Debian/Ubuntu repositories as well as heaps of other distros.

All that said, I love Vala!!! and would be very keen to help out with "stuff" if you're willing to take on coders.