Deskbar-Applet 2.22.0 released

Today Deskbar-Applet 2.22.0, the first stable release of the 2.22 series, has been released. The changes since the 2.20.x are:

  • You can now execute any command in a terminal with "Execute in terminal" action
  • Directly open the Evolution dialog to edit a particular contact.
  • With the Templates module you can create new files from your templates in the Templates directory.
  • New Tomboy module allows you to search your notes, create new ones and delete notes. This module requires that you have Tomboy 0.9.2 or later.
  • The preferences dialog now contains a button that reloads all modules for you.
  • Deskbar-Applet finally has a user documentation thanks to Phil Bull and Qing Gan from the Ubuntu Documentation Project
  • Button UI that was already part in 2.18 returned
  • Deskbar-Applet now recognizes when you change your peferred browser and activates the appropriate modules for you
  • When Beagle-live returns more than 20 results, a match will appear that opens beagle-search to display all available results.
  • Many many bug fixes

In addition, you can have a look at my previous posts.

So go and download the latest version at:

The goals for the 2.23/24 series are:

  • use API instead of RSS feeds
  • use Evolution python bindings from gnome-python-desktop (#512116)
  • close window when it losses focus
  • support FF >= 3.0 (requires Python 2.5 or sqlite module as external dependency) (#468325)
  • Indexer is re-created each time when Deskbar is started. Saving and loading the data should be faster
  • Find text anywhere in the name of files and folders not only at the beginning (#491404)
  • Add finished signal to module API. Should be emitted when the module finished searching. (#508590)
  • Don't require to type in the whole command for programs in $PATH (someone already wrote such a module for old API)

As always, new contributors are always welcome!



Will the search box embedded view ever come back or is there a permanent reason why it was removed?