Yet another last minute UI change

With Deskbar-Applet 2.21.90 the often requested Button UI that was already part in 2.18 returned. When you use this UI the results will be attached to the panel. Nevertheless, the window UI is still the default one.

In addition, Deskbar-Applet now recognizes when you change your peferred browser and activates the appropriate modules for you. E.g. when you were using Web History and Web Bookmarks for Mozilla before changing the preferred browser to Epiphany, Web History and Web Bookmarks for Epiphany will be enabled and the Mozilla modules disabled.

Last but not least, when Beagle returns more than 20 results, a match will appear that opens beagle-search to display all available results.

The video above shows the new UI and what happens when you change the default browser.

So download and install the latest version and report bugs you encounter to GNOME Bugzilla.



Thank you for bringing the Button UI back. It might make the applet useful to me as it was in the past. Your other improvements look good too.

I hope the Entry UI will return as well.

Hm, I was hoping that this change would bring back the in-panel text-entry field, but I can't see it in this demo.

Is it coming back? Otherwise I still prefer 2.18 :-(.

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Unfortunately, the in-panel entry will not be part of Deskbar 2.21/22 and I can't promise that it will make it in Deskbar ever again. The entry panel is really really hard to get working and contained a lot of hacks, that's why it was removed in the first place.

Finally! This was virtually a step due and I am glad that happened! With this new (old) interface Deskbar top the charts. I hope that new modules are added, because it is a very powerful tool, but perhaps slightly enhanced.
Good job!!