Deskbar-Applet goes stable

I'm proud to announce the first stable release in the GNOME 2.20 release cycle.

It's a very special release for me, because it includes all of my work done during this year's Google Summer of Code. The most notable features are:

  • New GUI that replaces the old Button and Entry UI
  • New modules/handlers API offering the possibility to add more than one action to a match. Matches with more than one action have a '>' on the right. Activating it will display the list of actions.
  • Complete refactoring of the code
  • Polished preferences dialog

Be aware that old handlers won't work with this version of Deskbar-Applet anymore. If you want to write modules for Deskbar-Applet 2.20 check out Writing new-style modules for Deskbar-Applet.

Thanks to everyone that helped during the 2.20 release cycle on constantly improving Deskbar-Applet.

Go and download it at


Are you going to continue working on deskbar-applet now that google isn't buying you beer^Wfood ? Or are you done with it?

A blog posting about your future ideas for deskbar would be great. Nice work!

so now deskbar widget is detached from the bar where the applet is in ?
I don't like this

How do you make the window larger? Mine is just a narrow strip in the middle of the screen.

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I am now. 2.20.0 makes the window the same size if I close and reopen it. But it resets the window size as soon as I start typing in a new query, so it's still broken.

Could the new UI be optional? IMHO it's a huge regression in terms of usability.

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I totally agree with your opinion. And reading the other posts I would just assume that many other people do too.
I liked the old UI much more than the new one. One should be able to decide which UI-Style one prefers. I, personally, think that it would be better to use the old fashioned UI and offer the possibility to switch on the new UI via the preference dialogue.

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I think it's great and takes the deskbar to a new stage!!

what about bringing some own power in to help developing new stuff and not just complaining on other ppls work...?

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Ever thought about the possibility that there are not always Developers out in the internet? Ever thought about the fu**&% possibility that complaints can be constructive?
If deskbar is just programmed for the sake of being programmed then ok, that's gotta be fine. but I, admittedly thought, that it is a program being developed for more than a score of people.
If you want to program something that receives a general positive reception by the users you should just god damn listen to what these users have to say.
Is hate this "OH! You COMPLAIN???? My god how can you dare, so make it better ..."
That is so wonderful. Nobody meant these comments personal, nobody tried to be impolite or meant to offend anybody in here. Especially not by giving his opinion.
And that's it: the people here are just giving their opinion and that what is called COMMUNITY. This "Do not complain, do it/program it yourself" is NOT community, that is elitist behaviour. A community accepts that everybody does what he can do, and gives what he can give. What next? Prices for complaints? 20 Euro per complaint and price deduction if you want to hand in more than five complaints.
If there are people studying literature, philosophy, economics, medicine... than be glad that even these people share their opinion AND that they use Linux (and GNOME), even though they cannot participate in the development process. That should show you that you really got on a new level of acceptance out there in the world. Linux, GNOME, applets and programs running in GNOME and on Linux etc... are not ostracised anymore for being products of a community of nerds. But be additionally aware of the fact that these people out there chose perhaps programs developed in the opensource community because of the possibility to join the discussions in the development of these programs. Does it serve them right to always fucking repeat the same answer:"Do not complain, do it yourself". I am studying Classics and History, what should I do? Start learning programming? Java, C++, ... yeah sure. I have not much spare time and starting to learn how to program software is not currently one of my targets, especially because it costs more time than I have.

So, be more open minded if there is anybody who wants to share his thoughts. And by the way, it was not said that Deskbar is bad, but just that the old UI style was better. It was asked if it is possible to make the new UI optional or give a possibility, in any way, to switch between the UIs.

So I hope this reads anybody and tries to think about it because if only one person tries to understand me than this was worth typing. I hope you can forgive me for writing this in a very polemic style. But "polemic" comes from the Ancient-Greek word "polemos", and "polemos" means "Battle" or "War", and that is what I am doing here, I am fighting for OPEN community, not a "THING" that tries to call itself community but is totally imbued by people who call themselves part of a community and do not even know what this means; people working in a community that is so private and elitist that it is blank mockery to call it community.

From a User who is frustrated by the illusive construct called open source community.

IMHO this is a regression. Please, is it possible to have the chosen freedom of between this new version and the old applet? Thanks.

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Thanks to elleuca (, than have resumed to me and shown this link (, me sorrow for the post useless.

I ask excuse, and I hope that the issue can be thought concluded also for those who has not read the TODO for the next version.

Good luck and thanks for the development.

Still excuse.

why you call it deskbar-applet when:
-it's not a deskbar
-it's not an applet
Or, at least, not anymore

Just upgraded and the first thing I noticed was no more deskbar applet in the panel :(

Please consider adding this back in as an option. Or allow a keyboard shortcut to open the existing dialog.