GNOME DVB Daemon 0.1.90 released

As promised, I am pleased to announce GNOME DVB Daemon 0.1.90. This is first release to achieve GNOME3-compatibility. I started the porting process back in January when I attended the Python Hackfest in Prague. I’ve been busy doing other stuff since, mainly writing a master thesis. The last couple of weeks I ported the remaining bits and pieces. The GUI has been ported from PyGTK using GTK+2 to PyGObject and GObject-Introspection using GTK+3. In addition, the Totem plugin has been ported to libpeas, thus working with Totem 3. Furthermore, GNOME DVB Daemon is now dbus-glib-free, both the daemon and the GUI use GDBus to communicate over DBus. As a result of all these changes, this version does not support GNOME2, i.e. it won’t work with GTK+2 and Totem 2. Last but not least, I removed the support for Rygel’s MediaServer1 spec and enabled exporting channels according to the MediaServer2 spec by default.

This release does not include new features, it’s “just” a release that is supposed to work in the GNOME3 world. Accordingly, everything should look and work very similar to 0.1.23. If you discover areas where this is not the case, please file a bug report. My plan is to fix remaining issues and release a stable 0.2 version after that. For GNOME DVB Daemon to work you need least

  • glib 2.28.5
  • gobject-introspection 0.10.8
  • pygobject 2.28.4
  • Vala 0.12.0 (only for git version)
Sebastian Pölsterl
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My research interests include machine learning for time-to-event analysis, causal inference and biomedical applications.