Another day, another release

It’s already three releases after my last post about GNOME DVB Daemon. Since then I tuned the UI to make it more HIG compliant and hide device group combo boxes if there’s only a single group. In addition, you can now edit the start time duration of an existing timer. Needless to say, I fixed some crashers, too. Version 0.1.14 and above replace Totem’s own DVB capabilities and hopefully provide a much improved user experience when watching TV. That’s why a Fedora package finally exists, thanks to Bastien Nocera.

Unfortunately, I still didn’t find the time to update the user guide. Any help in this area is highly appreciated. In addition, GNOME DVB Daemon is still looking for a logo. You can install the latest version 0.1.16 from the release tarball or install the packages for your distribution, if available.

Sebastian Pölsterl
Post-Doctoral Researcher

My research interests include machine learning for time-to-event analysis, non-Euclidean data, and biomedical applications.