GNOME DVB Daemon 0.1.13 is out

One month after the last release, I released version 0.1.13 of GNOME DVB Daemon today. It’s mainly a bug fix release which fixes a couple of problems with recordings, especially if watching and recording took place at the same time. There are only two new features: You can now sort channels either by name or by group in Totem. Channels can be grouped in gnome-control-center under Edit -> Channel lists. In addition, a detailed description of a show will be display if you double click on an entry in the “What’s on now” view. This release depends on gst-rtsp-server 0.10.5 and GStreamer 0.10.25. Plans for the next release include:

  • Support re-occuring recordings so you only have to schedule one timer to record your favorite weekly show
  • Allow to edit timers after they have been created
  • Basic support of UPnP/DLNA ScheduledRecording spec via Rygel
  • Only display option to select device groups if more than one device group is configured
  • Re-write of the user guide (possibly using Mallard)
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