Moved to Launchpad

Today I moved all the stuff (bzr branch, bugs and downloads) of DVB Daemon over to Launchpad. Therefore, please make sure you pull changes from the new Launchpad repository. Although, the repository at still exists I won’t push there anymore. Development takes place at now.

One area that’s currently neglected are translations. The move to Launchpad should make it easier for all the translators out there. So please go and translate GNOME DVB Daemon.

In addition, I’m still looking for a talented graphics designer who is willing to craft a nice logo. I already posted a request on GnomeArt/ArtRequests a while ago but nobody picked it up, yet.

In other news: Because my goal to write ring buffer elements for GStreamer during GSoC didn’t turn out so well, I wanted to write a plugin that actually works. It turned out to be a teletext decoder based on the zvbi library. The code is currently hosted at github. Finally, the obligatory screencast:

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