Bugs. They are everywhere.

Last week my second DVB-T adapter arrived. Therefore, I was able to test whether recording on multiple devices that are part of the same group works. At first it didn’t and I had to do quite some refactoring to get it working. Nevertheless, it finally works. In addition, I tried to add support of recording multiple channels that are part of the same transport stream. The code is there, but it behaves weird. First, both recordings stopped when the second recording started. Pausing the pipeline when changing dvbbasebin’s program-number property resulted in a working recording for the first channel and a damaged recording for the second (there was no video and sound from the first one). I still have another problem with GStreamer core + base 0.10.20 and bad from cvs on Ubuntu hardy. It gives me criticals and segfaults when retrieving EPG of one particular channel. I could confirm this on another machine with the same setup. Unfortunately, Zaheer isn’t able to reproduce this.

Beside working on the recording stuff, I started creating an assistant that will guide the user through the process of setting up his or her DVB card. It’s far from complete and doesn’t do anything useful, yet. Furthermore, I started working on a prototype of a Rhythmbox plugin to listen to DVB radio. Despite the fact that it’s actually working there’s still a lot to do. Things that changed, too:

  • Added RemoveDeviceFromGroup and DeleteDeviceGroup methods
  • Remove channels_conf and recordings_dir parameter from AddDeviceToExistingGroup because they are overwritten anyway.
  • Added Get(Radio|TV)Channels and IsRadioChannel methods to ChannelList interface

Next week I’m concentrating on the setup assistant and I should finally make some process on the EPG part.

Sebastian Pölsterl
AI Researcher

My research interests include machine learning for time-to-event analysis, causal inference and biomedical applications.