Let's record

Last week has been successful and almost all tasks have been completed. That means that channel.conf can be read and written for all DVB types. Recording should work for all DVB types, too (as already mentioned I myself can only test DVB-T). In addition, recordings are actually stopped after the given duration. I couldn’t write a D-Bus interface for the Recorder, though. That’s because Vala can’t export arrays over D-Bus, yet. But I’m sure this feature will be added soon. Instead, I could work on the Scanner, because Jürg fixed the bug that previously blocked the work in this area. However, the scanner isn’t working and complete, yet.

Today I tried to get encoding of text from DVB right. GStreamer’s mpegtsparse should only return proper encoded UTF-8 strings when I’m done. The patch is almost complete, only one case is missing. Hopefully, I can complete the patch tomorrow and propose it for inclusion. Next week I’m going to

  • Complete the Scanner
  • Write code that timers are stored to disk and restored when the daemon is started again. Currently, all timers are lost when the daemon quits. That’s not the preferred behavior, of course.
  • Write a class that manages recordings (i.e. recordings that are already finished). This class will be accessible through D-Bus, too.
  • Write a D-Bus interface that provides access to a list of channels for each DVB device.

Let’s see how far I came next week.

Sebastian Pölsterl
AI Researcher

My research interests include machine learning for time-to-event analysis, causal inference and biomedical applications.