What's new in the Deskbar-Applet 2.21 series?

Yesterday, I released Deskbar-Applet 2.21.5. I didn’t post anything new about Deskbar-Applet for quite a while. This post is intended to inform you about the most notable new features of the 2.21 series. But first of all get the latest version from http://download.gnome.org/sources/deskbar-applet/2.21/.

First of all, you can now execute any command in a terminal with “Execute in terminal” action. You can also open the Evolution dialog to edit a particular contact.

The biggest changes include two new modules. With the Templates module you can create new files from your templates in the Templates directory. This module has been written by Denis Washington, one of the awesome GHOP students.

The second module is the Tomboy module written by another GHOP student, Archengule. This module allows you to search your notes, create new ones and delete notes. This module requires that you have Tomboy 0.9.2 or later.

In addition, the preferences dialog now contains a button that reloads all module for you. This is especially helpful when a module has missing requirements and you installed these requirements. Now you don’t have to restart Deskbar-Applet, but just click this new button.

Last but not least, Deskbar-Applet finally has a user documentation thanks to Phil Bull and Qing Gan from the Ubuntu Documentation Project. Now you can find out what Deskbar can really do.

Finally, I updated my Remember The Milk module, as well. It doesn’t through an exception anymore when you didn’t grant Deskbar-Applet access to your account.

Sebastian Pölsterl
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My research interests include machine learning for time-to-event analysis, causal inference and biomedical applications.