See Deskbar with/in action(s)

My last two reports contained no news, but since university is over I spend a lot of time on Deskbar-Applet. Most notable I added actions. We now have modules, matches and actions. Modules produce matches and matches have actions. This way a match can have more actions, e.g. open url in browser and copy url to clipboard. If a match has more than one action you will see a list of actions after you selected the match. If it doesn’t Deskbar-Applet will behave like it did without actions.

Currently, the matches don’t include revolutionary actions. That’s your opportunity to come up with those revolutionary actions and tell me about it. Furthermore, I’m going to update my guide on how to write modules for Deskbar-Applet soon.

In addition, I updated the preferences dialog to reflect the latest changes on the GConf schema.

Finally, Raphaël encouraged me to make a late 2.19.6 release. So download it, test it, report bugs and fix them.

More changes:

  • Fixed bug #461627: Change the amount of items in history
  • Always show count in category header
  • Fixed evolution address book search with evo-ldap (patch by Karl Relton)
  • Removed obsolete definitions from GConf and preferences and added new controls to preferences for previously unsupported options
  • Set process name to deskbar-applet
  • Cell containing the icon of a match doesn’t expand anymore
  • Print tracebacks if module failed to load
  • Renamed to
  • Made sure that all icons are included in gnome-icon-theme

Update: Apparently, the evolution module doesn’t build. Just apply this patch and it builds again.

Update 2: In addition to the patch from above, has been released containing the applied patch as well. The download location is the same as above.

Sebastian Pölsterl
AI Researcher

My research interests include machine learning for time-to-event analysis, causal inference and biomedical applications.