Final GSoC report

Google Summer of Code 2007 ended today and I’m really happy I was accepted. I’m both satisfied with and proud about the work I did during those three months. I had the opportunity to work on Deskbar-Applet during the 2.20 cycle. That means that GNOME 2.20 will already feature all my work what makes me really proud. Hopefully, the people will also recognize that the improvements I brought to Deskbar-Applet are great and hopefully most of the people will adept to the GUI.

The last week I spend the time on fixing several bugs. Navigation has improved again and I worked hard to get the beagle-live handler into good shape. In addition, the GUI will now always stay in the center of the screen, what I think looks better. Bug Buddy support has been added again, too. What’s special about that is that Bug Buddy won’t be launched if the error appeared in a 3rd-party module. That way we can hopefully limit the amount of bugs in bugzilla that are related to errors we aren’t responsible.

Finally, I want to thank my mentor Raphaël Slinckx for supporting me all the time and Nickolay Shmyrev for helping me with an incredibly annoying threading issue back then and last but not least Google for offering this awesome program. Furthermore, I updated my guide Writing new-style modules for Deskbar-Applet to show you how you can get actions depending on a file’s MIME type easily.

Sebastian Pölsterl
AI Researcher

My research interests include machine learning for time-to-event analysis, causal inference and biomedical applications.