Unforeseeable high number of changes

Despite my last week’s prediction that I won’t have much time to work on Deskbar, I found some time to fix quite some bugs. Most notable, the epiphany and desklicious modules should work now and no duplicate search results will be displayed now. Furthermore, cleaning up the GConf schema file had the side effect that merging the translations doesn’t take a disproportional amount of time now. Therefore, you can actually build Deskbar without pain. I also added default icons for each category, i.e. if you don’t assign a match an icon a default icon is displayed according to the category. I got question though: Is there a list of icons I can safely depend on? For now I just searched /usr/share/icons on my Ubuntu machine to get the names for the icons. Last but no least, I updated my guide Writing new-style modules for Deskbar-Applet to reflect the changes since the first version. Changelog:

  • Show window always in the foreground if triggered
  • Adjusted schema file so that intltool-merge works fast
  • Fixed: Pressing icon in panel didn’t raise window
  • Don’t show matches from a previous search if entry has been cleared by hand (i.e. not by hitting escape)
  • Fixed errors in epiphany and gdmactions module (Insted of printing error set INSTRUCION attribute)
  • Fixed bugs in BrowserMatch.py (fixes bug #438080)
  • Added: Check for duplicates
  • Make return value of get_hash() hashable for all modules
  • Only paste selection if keybinding has been activated
  • Each category has its own default icon
  • Fixed: Desklicious plugin uses non-existent deskbar.Utils (bug #456969)
  • Fixed: Find /usr/lib*/firefox*/searchplugins (bug #456968)
  • Fixed: desklicious plugin improperly passess category to DeliciousMatch (bug #456971)
  • Fixed: DeliciousMatch has no ‘name’ and only default icon (bug #457133)
  • Fixed: Deskbar doesn’t show up localized in the applet list (bug #445145)
  • Fixed: Poorly written schema descriptions (bug #456417)

Thanks to Gabor Kelemen and Luke Macken for reporting so many bugs and providing the fixes, too.

Sebastian Pölsterl
Post-Doctoral Researcher

My research interests include machine learning for time-to-event analysis, non-Euclidean data, and biomedical applications.