First release of new Deskbar-Applet

In the last week I wasn’t able to work much on Deskbar-Applet and this will continue till the end of this month, because the final exams are coming closer. Nevertheless, I, with the generous help of Nickolay Shmyrev, was able to solve a threading issue that almost made me go insane. That means no more random Xlib errors. Because this bug has been solved now I decided on releasing the first tarballs of the new Deskbar-Applet. Be aware that your old modules won’t work with the new version. See my guide Writing new-style modules for Deskbar-Applet for more details. Last but not least I encourage you to download, install and most important test the new Deskbar-Applet and let me know what you think.


If you don’t want to install Deskbar just extract it, do configure and make and copy the file deskbar/ one directory up and start Deskbar with python -w. Changelog:

  • Solved a threading issue (hopefully the last one)
  • Matches with no icon get a default icon
  • Fixed bug in recent handler where icon was missing
  • Don’t display results of slow modules if query has been cleared
  • Don’t close preferences dialog if escape is pressed while in AccelEntry
  • Continued work on new-stuff-manager integration (not tested, yet)

Update: To run Deskbar-Applet without install you have to put in the deskbar directory, too.

Sebastian Pölsterl
Post-Doctoral Researcher

My research interests include machine learning for time-to-event analysis, non-Euclidean data, and biomedical applications.