Unforeseeable high number of changes

Despite my last week's prediction that I won't have much time to work on Deskbar, I found some time to fix quite some bugs. Most notable, the epiphany and desklicious modules should work now and no duplicate search results will be displayed now. Furthermore, cleaning up the GConf schema file had the side effect that merging the translations doesn't take a disproportional amount of time now. Therefore, you can actually build Deskbar without pain.
I also added default icons for each category, i.e. if you don't assign a match an icon a default icon is displayed according to the category. I got question though: Is there a list of icons I can safely depend on? For now I just searched /usr/share/icons on my Ubuntu machine to get the names for the icons. Last but no least, I updated my guide Writing new-style modules for Deskbar-Applet to reflect the changes since the first version.

First release of new Deskbar-Applet

In the last week I wasn't able to work much on Deskbar-Applet and this will continue till the end of this month, because the final exams are coming closer. Nevertheless, I, with the generous help of Nickolay Shmyrev, was able to solve a threading issue that almost made me go insane. That means no more random Xlib errors. Because this bug has been solved now I decided on releasing the first tarballs of the new Deskbar-Applet. Be aware that your old modules won't work with the new version. See my guide Writing new-style modules for Deskbar-Applet for more details.
Last but not least I encourage you to download, install and most important test the new Deskbar-Applet and let me know what you think.


Work on Deskbar is slowing down

Unfortunatly, I made even less changes to Deskbar-Applet than last week. I did some minor changes and started on integrating <?php print l("new-stuff-manager", "node/3"); ??> support for Deskbar.

I ran into a very annoying problem with threads in GTK+. I know that GTK+ is only thread-aware and you have to surround the critical parts with gtk.gdk.threads_enter() and gtk.gdk.threads_leave(). I already did this where the results are added to the ListStore/TreeView storing the matches. However, now and then I get a Xlib asynchronous error. I couldn't find a situation where I can reproduce this error reliably. I would be glad if anybody could give some tips on working with threads and GTK+.

Deskbar-Applet has changed again

As promised this week's report comes along with more news.
I continued working on displaying and saving history items. After that, I made Deskbar-Applet to an applet again. So now you can add it to your panel as usual and the keybinding works again, too. You can now browse the history in a sidebar or you can cycle through it in the entry like you browse previous commands in the terminal. A short movie showing you the latest features is available.

Latest Deskbar-Applet development

This week I spend a lot of time working on Deskbar-Applet. First of all, I continued on implementing the Core functions. Now that the core was almost finished I started working on the GUI part. First of all, I designed interfaces for the view and the controller (according to MVC). I decided to get the Window UI working first. Additionally, it's the UI that most likely will still be available in 2.20. It's now possible to search and to select a result. In addition, I added completion for the entry, just to see how it would look like.

new-stuff-manager-0.2.3 released

After a very long time I'm proud to present the newest version of .

This release depends on managed D-Bus version 0.5.2 or higher. This is necessaray because versions prior to this aren't thread-safe and therefore cause weird behavior. In addition, I added a DownloadManager interface to allow applications to easily download files from the internet. Downloading from a FTP site won't show download progress due to a bug in Mono. The remaining changes where bugfixes and mostly internal refactoring.

I also updated the spec file for Deskbar-Applet so that you can use new-stuff-manager flavor with Deskbar-Applet again.

You can download the source or for the first time packages for Ubuntu 7.04.

new-stuff-manager 0.2.2 released

The last release has been about a month ago.
Now this version has some major improvements:

  • spec file for Deskbar-Applet has been added (actually, the URL of the repositry might not work, yet. kikidonk has to set it up first).
  • A bug has been fixed that said that the service could not be found
  • configure script now checks for ndesk-dbus-1.0 and only uses the internal version of dbus-sharp if it isn't available. I highly recommend to install offical/newer version of NDesk DBusSharp.
  • Added custom Exceptions so that errors tell something meaningful
  • Basic command line options are available