Another GNOME DVB Daemon release

It hasn't been that long since the last release and I try to continue releasing more often in the future. Version 0.1.9 is mainly bug fix release. It fixes are critical bug that caused the channel list file to be corrupted (especially with DVB-S). In addition, the EPG scanner and channel scanner use their own main loop now. That should make the daemon more responsive and fixes a couple of crashes.

GNOME 3.0, here we come

I really like the recent efforts to streamline the work towards GNOME 3.0. I'm in favor of all points on the roadmap. Especially the point about re-designing That's a task that is overdue for a long time. Hopefully, the re-design points out why GNOME rocks and makes it easy for interested people to find a way to contribute. What I'd love to see is a way to search API docs like gotapi does.